Lakeview Start of School:Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 8-9


Lakeview Jr./Sr. High School opened with all other Natchitoches Parish Schools Tuesday Sept. 8.  Jr. high students who did not opt for all virtual instruction reported Sept. 8 for their first day of school.

Senior high students within the “A-day” hybrid cohort also reported Tuesday. Senior high students in the “B-day” cohort reported Wednesday, Sept. 9 for their first day of instruction.  Robocalls have been scheduled to inform parents which group their students are in.

Parents can also find this information by logging in to the Jcampus Parent Portal.  Parents who cannot remember passwords or who otherwise can not log in, should visit the Parent page on the school board website ( and follow the instructions under the parent progress center heading.

Lakeview iPAD and student account distribution: Lakeview will have a drive-through distribution system in place for students to get their NPSB devices. Parents will need to sign forms and receive account information along with iPADs.  Students can set-up the iPADs for their use by following the on screen instructions anywhere they have an internet connection (including the school parking lot). If they encounter problems, they can email for assistance.

Once the iPADs are set-up, students can use the chrome browser to go to and sign in using their NPSB account. From there, they will be able to accept invitations to join the classes on their schedule. Parents of all students need to participate in this process as all classes (both virtual and in-person) will be managed using the Google Classroom Learning Management System. There will also be an “Announcements” class that students can join using the instructions the school will provide along with a one-page quick start guide.  Once enrolled in the “Announcements” class, students will receive a 14-page “Google Classroom Cheatsheet.”

Additional guidance can be found on the NPSB TV youtube channel.  Schedule for Parents: Parents of virtual students should have gone to the school driveway Tuesday Sept. 8 following the schedule below. All other parents should go Wednesday Sep. 9, following the same schedule.

Any parent who can not meet the schedule above will need to call the school at (318) 476-3360 and make an appointment.  COVID-19 precautions: All Lakeview students are required to wear a face mask that covers both nose and mouth.

The choice of mask needs to be school appropriate. The school board has stated that bandanas and neck gaiters are not appropriate face coverings. If a student arrives without a mask, or with an inappropriate mask, they will be issued a disposable mask for the day.  Temperature checks will be conducted upon building entry daily. Social distancing will be required along with mask use and frequent hand-washing (or sanitizing when sinks are not available).  Students who are ill should not come to school.

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school since water fountains were removed as a precautionary measure. Parents who want to visit the school must make an appointment.

“We understand that all of the changes and delays have made things confusing for us all, but we are all doing our best to make the 2020-21 school year the best it can be. We will all work together to resolve any issues in a timely manner and in the best interests of our students, who are everybody’s first priority,” school personnel said.