Natchitoches Parish Government, Library and NPSB to assist with relief filing

NPL photo

Federal disaster assistance, through FEMA, has been made available to Natchitoches Parish residents who were affected by Hurricane Laura. For residents in rural parts of Natchitoches Parish, the Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) will be using its bookmobile and schoolmobile to offer in accessing and completing the online form at The NPL’s mobile branches will be making stops in the communities and towns across Natchitoches Parish under a modified schedule through Oct. 2. NPL staff will provide a Wi-Fi connection and laptop to those needing to register and file for disaster assistance. Parish residents may also visit either library location – Main Branch in Natchitoches or the Northeast Branch in Campti – for one-on-one assistance.

The Natchitoches Parish School Board will also be providing access and assistance via laptops and Wi-Fi by visiting the following schools during normal school hours:

  • Marthaville Elementary School
  • Provencal Elementary School
  • Goldonna Elementary School
  • Lakeview High School
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Before coming to any location or one of the scheduled mobile branches’ stops, be sure that you have contacted your insurance company beforehand to check whether the damages you have incurred are covered under their policy. You will also need to have with you the following information:

  • Your insurance policy number, along with the agent or company name of coverage,
  • A general list of damages and losses,
  • Your social security number,
  • A current phone number where you may be reached,
  • And your address at the time of the disaster
  • And where you are now staying when applying for FEMA disaster assistance.

Disaster assistance may include temporary housing and home repair grants, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to aid individuals and business owners in recovering from the effects of the disaster.

Those affected by Hurricane Laura should register with FEMA even if they have registered for previous disasters as each is considered a separate event eligible for assistance. While assistance is tax free and grants do not have to be repaid, monies must be used solely for recovery expenses.