Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club donates hurricane relief funds

Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr., left foreground, models the leather vest presented to him by Charles McMillan, right, president of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Shreveport. Photos by Carolyn Roy

By Carolyn Roy, Carolyn@natchitochestimes.com or 318-352-3618 ext. 219

Mayor Ronnie Williams traded his suit and tie for a leather motorcycle vest when members of the Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club of Shreveport rolled into town Saturday afternoon. The 18 bikes and 22 people brought Williams a check for $3,100 to aid the City in Hurricane Laura relief. President Charles “Mac Daddy” McMillan told Williams that New Greenwood Baptist Church in Shreveport contributed $1,000, a car club $500, Don’s Automotive $200, Buffalo Soldiers $1,700 with the remainder from individuals.

The club presented Williams with a monogrammed leather vest and let him sit atop one of the bikes and rev the engine. McMillan also let Williams speak to the national president, Nathan Mack, who lives in Detroit, Mich. “I am so grateful for your outpouring of love,” Williams told the group. The compassion you have shown will not be forgotten,” he said in issuing them an invitation to the Christmas Festival.

The motorcycle club is named in honor of the Buffalo Soldiers who were African American soldiers who served mainly on the western frontier following the Civil War. They escorted wagon trains, built roads and fought the Indians and protected settlers. The buffalo soldiers also captured horse and cattle thieves, built roads and protected the U.S. mail, stagecoaches and wagon trains, all while contending with challenging terrain, inadequate supplies and discrimination according to the History Channel. It is believed that the Comanche tribe bestowed the name of an animal they revered, the buffalo, because they were impressed with their toughness in battle. The first chapter was founded in 1993 in Chicago and there are 120 chapters across the nation.

They promote unity, education of youth, support the needy with food donations and other philanthropic and civic activities.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Shreveport presented a check for $3,100 to Mayor Ronnie Williams to use for hurricane relief.