Company announces it will discontinue TV service Dec. 1


EPICTOUCH has made the difficult decision to discontinue offering TV service, effective Dec. 1.

What is changing?

Over time, certain equipment manufacturers no longer support or simply cannot keep up with industry changes, which means that technology can become obsolete. Because of this, the TV service provided has become limited and enhancing those services is not feasible.

Note, this will have no impact to internet and/or phone service provided by EPICTOUCH. What do I need to do?

There are several alternative solutions available to fulfill television needs. Call the EPICTOUCH office at 318-352-0006 for our recommendations. What do I do with my EPICTOUCH TV Service & Equipment?

Call 318-352-0006 to disconnect EPICTOUCH TV service.  Instructions will be provided on what to do with TV equipment.  If no action is taken by Dec. 1, TV service will be disconnected.