Gridiron Spotlight


The Gator skill player of the week is, without a doubt, Tevin Hickman. Hickman hustled out 124 total yards on offense with three scores, not to mention two interceptions at his spot as safety. Big Boy of the Week, those linemen who are the first blame and the last to fame, will recognize their contributions to the game.

The first Big Boy of the Week is Kain Custis. Custis, the RT for the Gators, became a starter midseason last year, but was inconsistent with his play. This week he shined like he was trying to mark his spot on the Times All-Parish Team.

Custis had at least four pancakes and his towering 6 foot, 3 inch, 320 pound stature is sure to put fear in the eyes of defensive ends week in and week out. He also came up with a big sack late in the game and proved he can be useful on the other side of the ball when needed.

Elvin Waldrup finished the game with 113 rushing yards and Dillon Ireland gobbled up eight tackles and one of six sacks this week.