New Head Start facility permitted


By Caroyn Roy,

Head Start Center will get a new facility at 1504 Gold St., next door to L.P. Vaughn Elementary. A permit for $317,000 was issued in September. Daryl W. Walker is the contractor for the 10,000 square foot building. Save the Children Head Start Director Chrishell Metoyer said if plans go as expected, the center will open soon after the first of the year. It will have room for 150 students and a staff of 21.

The building will be built on property leased from an individual. The present location is in an aging Natchitoches Parish School Board building on MLK Drive. Metoyer said Head Start does not allow grantees to spend as much money as it would take to renovate the current location, on property it does not own.

The total valuation of permits in Septemer was $772,861 for 36 permits according to the report issued by City Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque.

They are:

•Charles E. and Emily Harrington, 603 St. Clair, residential addition and alterations, $19,600

•Assisted and Safe Homes Inc., 524 Fourth St., commercial additions and alterations, $24,500

•Rhodes Properties, 1040 Williams, residential addition and alterations, $75,000

•Apex Land LLC, 205 Fairgrounds Road, residential electrical, $650

•Runkles, Bailey and Joshua Artistic Backyard Creations, 1805 Williams, swimming pool, $50,000

•Wal-Mart Stores Inc., 925 Keyser, commercial HVAC-electric, $51,809

•Doris Roberson, 718 Harry Dr., residential roof, $5,360

•Lyddy Properties, 310 Texas, commercial addition and alterations, $40,000

•John C. Guillet, 611 Garland, residential addition and alterations, $14,200

•Alvin Bradley, 1217 Dean St., demolition single family home, $3,900

•Sandra Nicholas, 130 Howell, demolition single family home, $1,000

•Ben Haskett Jr., 740 Dixie, residential repair, electric, $250

•Judith Sluppick, 1048 Williams Ave., residential roof, $21,000

•Glenda Burton, 641 Conville, residential additions, $12,000

•Smith/McGraw LLC, 118 Reba, commercial addition and alteration, $85,000

•Sherrie and Albert Taylor, 1229 Phillips, residential addition and alteration, $8,000

•Crittie Gay, 1419 Georgia Ann, residential electrical, no valuation listed

•Ed’s Sheet Metal, 100 South Williams, residential roof, $16,965

•Roland W. Dobson, 5810 Hwy. 1 Bypass, commercial roof, $10,000

•Jerry Hooper, 644 Abbie, residential roof, $3,000

•Annie Lee White, 209 Howell, Windows USA LLC, residential alterations, $7,200

•Bobby Armour Jr., 1504 Williams, residential alterations, $2,750

•Brandi Starks,936 Second, residential electric, $3,000

•Trotters of Alexandria Inc., 344 South Drive C, commercial sign permit, $677