NPD arrests as of Oct. 8


Marquis King, b/m, 22, Atlanta, La., improper window tint, reckless operation, flight from an officer, possession of sch. I w/intent, obstruction of justice.

Donovan Solitaire, b/m, 20, possession of sch. I w/intent, possession of a firearm in presence of CDS

Treyondrick Williams, b/m, 26, two headlights required, possession of sch. I, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Charles Keith Cook, Natchez, La., w/m, 65, DWI-first offense.

Katie Maddox, w/f, 25, Kirbyville, Texas, theft

Frances Parrie, w/f, 33, Florien, theft

Bradley Hayes, w/m, theft

Kristaci Dyes, b/f, theft

Vernell Brooks, b/m, theft

Howard Latin, b/m, 37, simple battery

Zakeia Sanders, b/f, 26, theft

Kreig Hunter, b/m, 20, theft

Ladarian K. Kackson, b/m, 21, domestic abuse battery, damage to property

Carmina Tagayon, a/f, 25, Natchez, theft

Kristin Edwards, w/f, 41, theft

Alvin Holden, b/m, 22, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice

James Lofton, b/m, 22, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice

Kenny Wayne Smith Jr., b/m, 26, theft

Shakieria Sykes, b/f, 25, theft

Danarje Dumars, b/m, 24, driving under suspension

Debra Ebarb, w/f, 60, possession of sch. II, failure to yield, 2 counts possession of drug paraphernalia

Tyland Braden, b/m, 32, 3 counts FTA

Akeem Rashad Hall, b/m, simple possession of marijuana

Eve Yeoman, w/f, 29, theft

Justin Williams, b/m, 19, Dry Prong, simple criminal damage to property

Tranndon Mitchell, b/m, 22, simple possession of sch. I

Alvin Bolden, b/m, 29, theft

Detarius Arthur, b/m, 24, possession of sch. I

Chansy Jefferson, b/f, 33, trespassing, resisting an officer, battery on an officer, property damage

Zakere Sowell, b/m, 24, 3 counts FTA

McTavish Raymond, b/m, 48, simple battery, simple assault

Shafonda Murphy, b/f, 38, FTA Ora Bell Lewis, b/f, 54, Natchez, trespassing

Christopher Willis, b/m, 43, simple possession of marijuana

Marquis Raymond, b/m, 26, FTA, no driver’s license, no seat belt, red light, stop sign

Tyler Borders, w/m 34, simple possession of marijuana Alvin Bolden Sr., b/m, 30, theft

Jerry Craig, b/mm, 32, telephone communication

Jamel Toliver, b/m, obscenity, remaining after being forbidden, 2 counts stalking

Blake J. Hupp, w/m, 38, Robeline, theft

David Anderson, b/m, 33, remaining

Bryant Sowell, b/m, 28, battery on an officer

Dmitri Raymond, b/m, 33, possession of marijuana, possession of meth, possession of firearm in presence of CDS, possession of firearm by felon, illegal carrying.

Jimmy Gilbert, b/m, 33, possession of drug paraphernalia

•CDS-controlled dangerous substance

•FTA-failure to appear