A letter of apology to the residents of Natchitoches


Dear Natchitoches Residents,

I sincerely apologize to the residents of Natchitoches, Mayor Williams and my fellow council members for my language in the video shared repeatedly on Social Media and now featured in the Natchitoches Parish Journal. You deserve to know the full story around this matter. I have been the victim of constant harassment by former Councilwoman Sylvia Morrow for weeks and I do not deserve this.

Yes, I am a councilwoman, but I am also a human being. Her behavior is unacceptable to me and it should be unacceptable to this community. On the evening this video was recorded, Ms. Morrow had come by my house to continue her intimidation and harassment. She has repeatedly followed me from stores and harassed me. She came back to my house the following day yelling profanities out of her car window at me. She continues to drive by my house and has followed me to work. Even though I have moved on from this incident to refocus on my work in the community, she continues to harass me.

As late as Tuesday, she called the police saying I drove by her home while I was at my own home having dinner with my husband and nephew. She has lied on so many occasions about me. I have talked to my pastor and attended meditation classes to help me get through this situation. I work every day to make sure the residents of my district get what they need and have been busy planning a Community Clean Up, scheduled for Oct. 31.

On the day, this incident happened (Oct. 14), I had spoken to several city employees concerning trash in my community, as well as the leaking trash truck causing a horrible smell throughout my neighborhood. I spoke to a supervisor and he assured me the truck seal would be repaired. I had also spoken to someone at the housing authority concerning the piles of trash at one of the local apartment complexes.

This is what each day looks like for me – working for the community. Again, I am grateful to the residents of Natchitoches for trusting me and I want to make it clear that I am here to work for you. Our streets will be cleaner, we will have economic development in our community and we will restore pride in our community for everyone.

I will work every single day to do my best for you. That is my promise.

Kindest Regards,

Rose Washington-Elie

Councilwoman District 4


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