Jackets sting Chiefs at home

#2, Ronald Smith, breaks a tackle as he plows foward for a first down Photos by LeRon Massey, Freelance Photographer, sports photos exclusive to the Times

Nat Central was not able to get going offensively by finishing the game with 24 total yards. Nat Central’s defense has been the high point of their season thus far and they showed up in the first half of the game by holding Byrd scoreless in the first half. Coach Wilkerson expects his defense to have a big impact like that ever night, but he knows he is going need his offense to step up if they want to win games going forward.

#6 Colby Raupp looks down field as he escapes pressure from the pocket

“Last year the defense scored a lot of points for them and our offense just have to get caught up and start helping them out, but our defense is very athletic. Our coaches do a great job preparing them, so we expect them to score ever game,” said Coach Wilkerson.

Sophomore #34 Logan Saucier locks in as the play begins

However, Nat Central was not able to keep Byrd out the endzone for the whole game as they scored their first touchdown on a seven yard rushing touchdown by Vanzell Thompson. He was running all over the field in the second half finishing the game with 113 yards. Bryd’s running back Lake Lambert was also able to visit the endzone two more TD’s runs in the 4th quarter. Lambert finished the game with 94 yards and avg 15 yards a carry.

Nat Central’s offense will have to play better moving forward in order to break their losing streak. Their defense can only hold teams out the endzone for so long before they breakthrough and get in the endzone. Coach Wilkerson wants to get the running game going in order to control the clock and not over work his defense.

Coach Wilkerson tells the QB, #6 Colby Raupp, which play to run next

Nat Central was schedule to travel to Shreveport, LA to face Southwood High School but that game has been canceled so the chiefs will get an early bye week. The next time Nat Central will have the opportunity to end their losing streak will be next week at home against Captain Shreve at home.

#23 Trenton Bradley has a huge kickoff return to put the Chiefs in great field position