Parish Council to host town hall meetings on road pulverization projects

Source: Parish Council Facebook page
The Parish Council recently approved a bid for the pulverization of select roads in the Parish. President John Richmond will conduct town hall meetings to discuss the project with residents before work begins.
There will be two meetings Friday, Oct. 23:
– Meeting 1 will be at the town hall in Ashland at 5 p.m.
– Meeting 2 will be at the pavilion next to the town hall in
Goldonna at 6:30 p.m.
All residents interested in learning more about the road pulverization project are encouraged to attend.
Specific roads approved to be pulverized are:
– Albritton Road – Goldonna Road
– Bumgarner Road – Government Road
– Central Loop – Hart Road
– Central Street – Janie-Gorum Road
– Clark Loop – Lake Gorum Road
– Freeman Loop – Mathis Road
– Rawls Loop