Council approves pulverization project for parish roads


By Carolyn Roy,, 318-352-3618 ext. 219

The Parish Council awarded the bid to W.E. McDonald and Sons LLC Monday, Oct. 19 for a contract amount of $138,676 for the pulverization of several roads in the parish. In pulverizing, a machine drives along the roadway, ripping up existing asphalt. It is the first stage in reusing asphalt. Pulverization leaves several inches of ground-up asphalt where old asphalt paving used to be.

The bid included the following roadway segments and approximate total length and width to be pulverized on each:

Albritton Road – 3,380 linear feet,16 feet wide

Bumgarner Road – 1 mile, 16 feet wide

Central Loop – 6,970 feet, 18 feet wide

Central Street – 3,500 linear feet, 16 feet wide

Clark Loop – 4,800 linear feet, 16 feet wide

Freeman Loop – 7,970 linear feet,16 feet wide

Goldonna Road – 3 miles, 18 feet wide

Government Road – 3 miles, 18 feet wide

Hart Road – 3 miles, 18 feet wide

Janie-Gorum Road – 1 mile, 16 feet wide

Lake Gorum Road – 3 miles, 16 feet wide

Mathis Road – 1,500 linear feet, 16 feet wide

Rawls Loop – 4,200 linear feet, 16 feet wide

Several listed roads will not be pulverized for their entire length. For roads where only selected segments will be pulverized, these segments are not necessarily contiguous. The areas to be pulverized will be marked by Parish representatives.

The work shall consist of pulverizing the entire depth of existing asphalt surfacing, and the top 1 to 2 inches of the existing raw aggregate or soil cement base course. Equipment to be utilized shall be a soil stabilizer or milling machine, producing maximum size particles not exceeding approximately 1.5 inches.

Blading by motor grader and compaction with a steel-wheel or pneumatic roller shall follow the pulverization operation to produce an aggregate-surfaced roadway that can be readily traversed by vehicles and effectively maintained by the Parish.

Pulverization, blading, and compaction shall be to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works. Through and local traffic shall be maintained on all roadway segments for the duration of the work. Contractor shall utilize flaggers and advance warning signs [moving operation] as needed.