Lakeview wins against Darbonne Woods


The Lakeview Gators looked to pick themselves back up on Friday after losing back-to-back games. They took a long trip to Farmerville to face off against the Darbonne Woods Timberwolves. This is a team that the Gators dominated against last year in Lakeview’s homecoming, but the Gators have an entirely different squad this year, which means an entirely different story. The wolves had the first possession of the game after they fielded in kickoff inside their own 5 yard line. They start the game off with a big first down run but it is brought back for a holding call. The wolves weren’t able to get any momentum, and on third down DE Mykel Slaughter was able to get into the pocket and tip the pass to force a forth down. The wolves then put a big boot on it and the Gators get the ball at their own 32 yard line.

The Gators first play would be a pass attempt but QB Braden Woods couldn’t get the ball to his target. Dillon Pikes would take off for 13 yards on the ground on the next play to get a first down. Pikes would then take off for a massive run all the way to the DW 5 yard line, but the play would be called back for a block in the back, a very costly penalty. Woods would then carry the ball for a six yard gain, then immediately throw a screen pass the Pikes for a huge pickup of 35 yards.

The Gators wouldn’t be able to get any momentum off of this though. While trying to convert a 4th and 1, Woods would fumble the ball, he would recover, but not enough for a first down, giving the ball to the Wolves. DW would try to capitalize on this, but with DT Dillon Ireland and MLB Udonis Jones both getting tackles for loss, they wouldn’t get anywhere. S Tevin Hickman would have an interception go through his hands to force a forth down.

This back and forth ball continued throughout the entire first half, as neither team would be able to put points on the board and the score would be 0-0 at halftime. The Wolves would pull a trick out of their back pocket to start the second half, when the would recover an onside kick at the 40 yard line and get the ball. On the first play of this drive, DT DJ Kirts would get to the backfield for a sack. The Gator defense would dominate this drive, forcing the Wolved to throw a near interception on 4th&14, giving the Gators the ball at the 39-yard line.

Woods would break off back to back 7 yard runs for the Gators. Tevin Hickman would take off for a 55 yard touchdown run, but once again it would get called back for a flag. It’s okay though, because Hickman would catch a 29 yard touchdown pass on the left sideline. It would be 6-0 with 4:06 left in the third. It would be all Gator football from here on out. Finishing the game with a 20-0 victory and pushing the Gators to 2-2 on the season.