Court documents reveal history of family surrounding Goldonna child abuse case


By Juanice Gray, Editor,, 318-352-3618 ext. 218

From documents filed in Winn Parish in 2013

The mother and grandmother of the child at the center of the alleged abuse case in Goldonna have been at odds in court before.

The Natchitoches Times obtained court documents from August 2013 in Winn Parish, that were submitted as evidence in a temporary custody case in Natchitoches Parish Oct. 30. The 2013 Winn Parish judgement in the case of Teresa Jurgens vs Casey Smedley stated, “the protective order previously issued in this matter against Casey Smedley be and is hereby rescinded and dismissed.” It further ordered Smedley to provide the court a hair follicle 10-panel drug test in December, 2013, and March, June and September, 2014. The judgement was signed Nov. 5, 2013.


Just prior to the photos and videos of the abuse being posted online, Jurgens petitioned the court in Natchitoches Parish for temporary custody and to establish child custody of the 9-year-old child. The petition states the child had been in Jurgens’ physical custody since Oct. 6, 2016, and no custody order was in effect. The petition, which names Jurgens as plaintiff, states, “Plaintiff shows the a petition for a protective order was filed in Winn Parish, Louisiana on March 19, 3013, in case number 43632 and petitioner attached the final order which did no establish custody.”

Reasons given for petitioning for custody included “the mother has no housing, is being released today from Longleaf hospital due to an overdose.” It stated Jurgens was requesting temporary custody “due to this immediate threat of abuse or neglect if the child is not returned to his physical custody pending a hearing on the issue of child custody.”

Excerpts from petition and evidence filed Oct. 30, 2020, in Natchitoches Parish

The document stated the petitioner could provide a “stable home life for her grandchild” and “for the child’s welfare, education, and well-being….and material needs.” Attorney for Jurgens, James E. Calhoun, of Winnfield, concluded the petition requesting temporary custody be granted and a visitation schedule be established.

A Certification by Attorney notarized in Winn Parish Oct. 30 states Calhoun certifies to the court that he had “spoken to Mr. Joe Hines who informed me that he thinks the child would be in danger is the mother took the child from the State.”


A Verification and Certification by Petitioner notarized in Winn Parish dated Oct. 30, 2020, states the affiant, Jurgens, read the petition for custody and “all of the allegations of fact contained therein are true and correct the best of his knowledge, information and belief” and “believes the minor child (name withheld) to be in danger of immediate and irreparable harm due defendant Casey Smedley not having proper food and shelter for the minor child and due to the child being home schooled by the grandmother and due the child having multiple medical conditions requiring several medications.”

A final document, an Application for ex parte (with respect to or in the interests of one side only) Temporary Custody Order, dated Oct. 30 in Natchitoches Parish, signed by Jurgens stated specific facts why custody should be awarded including “On September 20, 2020 Casey Smedley overdosed and and was transported to Denver. On October 10, 2020 Casey Smedley came to petitioner home and on Oct 23 Casey overdosed and revived by petitioner and transported to Natchitoches Hospital and P.E.C. and sent to Longleaf while there she called CPS to make complaint about petitioner. CPS investigated and informed petitioner that she needed to get an ex parte order today to protect the child.”

A handwritten note at the bottom of the document states “also overdosed 9/30/20 and transported to Denver was admitted to Porter Mental Hospital.”

Based on the information provided in court, Judge Lala Sylvester signed the order for temporary custody Oct. 30 and ordered Smedley to show cause in court Nov. 23 why custody should not be granted to Jurgens.

Since then, Jurgens, Smedley and Hines have all been arrested. Jurgens is charged with felony principle to cruelty to juveniles, Smedley and Hines, Jurgen’s boyfriend, are both charged with cruelty to juveniles, No bond has been set.

Editor’s note: All text in quotations are unedited and exactly as written in the court documents