‘Blitzing’ fundraiser benefits local church youth

A home was recently blitzed on Washington Street

This week, The River Community Church in Natchitoches has been using creative means to fundraise money for their youth ministry this week- by relying on the competitiveness of die-hard college football fans.

This weekend was supposed to be the football game between rivals LSU and Alabama, and Natchitoches has several of both Alabama and LSU fans. The point of this fundraising game is that participants get to chose to “blitz” a friend yards with their favorite team signs.

“Imagine you’re a LSU fan and I am an Alabama fan, you would pay in order to get LSU signs in my yard or either I get to pay to get Alabama signs in your yard,” said Youth Pastor Sebastian Alfaro Fontalvo. “This would definitely drive a good fan crazy.”

This fundraiser is supporting the Epicenter youth ministry at the River Community Church, located on1110 College Ave. “We have different activities and trips during the year that we do as a way to get [the youth] more involved with God, with the Church, and to allow them to experience everything that God has to offer them,” said Fontalvo.

There are different “plans” for the blitzing. Participants can either chose to buy insurance by 20 dollars. This protects them from any attack of a friend, and would give them the opportunity of blitzing somebody.

Second, you can pay 12 dollars to blitz somebody’s yard, but if you don’t get insurance, you will still be a target for somebody.

If you have been blitzed by someone, you can either pay $15 for the signs to be removed, $12 for the signs to be sent to someone else and $20 for the signs to be send to someone else and to protect you from future attacks.

The blitzing fundraiser will continued until next Saturday, Nov. 21, but when the new date has been announced for the LSU vs. Alabama game, the blitzing will start back up one week prior.

A video on blitzing can be found on the church’s Facebook page, “The River Community Church, Natchitoches.” To participate in the fundraiser, call the church at 318-238-3444.