Moulton, colleagues contribute to psychology textbook


NATCHITOCHES – Dr. Patrice Moulton, a professor of psychology at Northwestern State University, co-authored a publication, “Clinical Supervision in the Helping Professions:  A Practical Guide,” published with leaders in the field of psychology Dr. Gerald Corey, Robert Haynes and Dr. Michelle Muratori. It is the 12th book Moulton has authored in her publishing career.

Authoring the book provided the opportunity to invite colleagues and graduate students to contribute to the manuscript “Voices in the Field,” Moulton said. NSU faculty member Erik Braun, assistant professor in counselor education, was represented in the manuscript for his contribution “The Mega-Conceptualization in Group Supervision.”  Graduate students in clinical psychology and their contributions include Staci Maddox, “Respectful Intervention with Supervisees”; Logan Turner, “Compassionate Conversations of Difference”; Rachel Alvarez, “Supervision in a Multicultural Environment”; Abigail Hunter, “My Team Supervision Experience.”

Turner and Alvarez said being able to contribute to the book was a challenging and gratifying experience.

“Most students struggle with the constant question of our future and what we can actually attain for ourselves with the degrees that we are studying,” Turner said. “To have my name attached to a book publication that will be read by thousands of individuals in the field of psychology is validating. This kind of opportunity gives me hope that I can successfully achieve my career goals.”

“It was gratifying in that it lent me an opportunity to share my research and real life experiences in a way that could be beneficial to others,” Alvarez said. “It was challenging in that it also made me consider the weight of my words from an instructional standpoint and forced me to go beyond a casual literary delivery to present the information I had acquired in the clearest and most accurate way I could. I am grateful I was given this opportunity.  It was an honor and a privilege to work with Dr. Moulton throughout my graduate education.”

Moulton said the book also provided a unique invitation by editors for submission of a new model supervision to be introduced to the field of psychology:  TEAM-Based Supervision Process Model, an acronym for Teach, Evaluate, Assure, Mentor.

“It is an honor to be considered a leader in training young professionals to provide mental health assessment and therapy,” Moulton said.  “Our society is experiencing a mental health crisis and we need well prepared therapists on the front lines to serve our communities.”

Moulton is the 2020 recipient of the Dr. Mildred Hart Bailey Faculty Research Award presented annually to a member of the NSU faculty in recognition of outstanding research or distinguished artistic performance or creative work substantially completed within the past three years.  Moulton received a Fulbright Award in 2017 for her work in Nepal, where she served as a consultant and cultural ambassador while launching the country’s inaugural degree program in counseling psychology. Earlier this year was named president of the Louisiana Fulbright Chapter.