NPD Arrests – Nov. 19


NPD as of Nov. 19

Sharon Golston, b/f, 55, FTA

Jamarcus Remo, b/m, 25, obstructing public passage

Scottie Smith, b/m, 34, first-degree murder


Charles Kelly b/m, 39, criminal damage to property

Charles Lacaze, w/m, 55, DWI-first offense

Jason C. Williams, w/m, 38, theft

Randall Pare, w/m, 45, theft

Erebi T. Akpor, b/f, 29, simple assault

Deon Coleman, b/m, 19, 2 counts burglary of an inhabited dwelling, attempted burglary of an inhabited dwelling

Albert Middleton, b/m, 63, theft

Kevin Evans, b/m, 37, aggravated assault, aggravated assault w/firearm, home invasion, 2 counts false imprisonment w/dangerous weapons, obstruction of justice, possession of firearm by convicted felon, FTA.

James Williams, b/m, 34, home invasion, remaining after being forbidden.