Just Talking’ – Nov. 28 edition


Luke Frederick handed JT food for thought Wednesday morning. JT commented earlier about the steps at the corner of Williams and Henry Avenues having been removed by Atmos Energy while they were working on gas lines. Luke says it would be a feather in the cap of Atmos if they made the spot handicap accessible when they replace the steps. Handicap folks can’t climb that particular spot and end up taking to the street. It might take a little extra though but would be a great improvement.


COVID-19 has changed out lives and it’s even creeping into one unlikely place—-the Santa Claus House on the riverbank. Kids will no longer be able to sit on Santa’s knee to tell him their wishes. They will be separated from Santa by a small fence for their protection as well as Santa’s. What a shame. But it would be a bigger shame if they or Santa got the virus. Also, the Christmas Belles will take folks’ temperatures and give them hand sanitizer while they wait in line. Thanks to Carmella McCart for her forward thinking in making the traditional visit to Santa a safe one.


Did you happen to see the story recently about the speeding tickets issued along i-49? District Attorney Billie Joe Harrington and Sheriff Stuart Wright have teamed up on the Local Agency Compensated Enforcement (LACE). If LACE sounds familiar, that’s the program that generated millions of dollars a year in traffic fines for DeSoto Parish a few years back. But that’s not the point here. The program here is to reduce high speeds on I-49 through the parish. Frankly, high speeds are dangerous and we don’t need our families endangered as they travel I-49.

JT visited with Sheriff Wright the other day about the program. The Sheriff said they actually stopped one driver doing 150 miles per hour. No way is that a safe speed…not even at NASCAR. JT recalls the day, shortly after he got his license, he and his dad nearly had the car doors blow off by one of those speed demons. His dad made the observation…”he drives like an idiot and I bet he had the grades to match.”