Stine providing another round of ‘Pat-On-The-Back’ pay


During this season of Thanksgiving, Stine, Inc. is thanking its associates with an additional “Pat-On-The-Back” payment for their commitment to serving customers and communities during this unprecedented time of hurricane recovery combined COVID pandemic. Last week, full-time associates received $250, and part-time associates, $125. Stine first instituted its “Pat-On-The-Back” program with a temporary $2 per hour wage increase for all associates that worked during the stay-at-home order in March, April and May.

The special benefit pay made a return following Hurricane Laura and Delta in the form of bi-weekly extra pay. Stine has paid out over $2 million to its associates in Pat-On-The-Back and other incentive hurricane pay.  In addition, $95,000 was paid for complimentary meals, traveling and lodging for associates. Another program which benefits Stine associates is Employees 1st. The program makes grants to employees who are faced with unexpected expenses during difficult times.

Stine donated $60,000 to this grant fund, and many Stine employees and vendors have made donations, as well. Since the hurricanes, 76 employees have been awarded grants through Stine Employees 1st. “The last eight months have been trying times for our associates,” said Dennis Stine, CEO for Stine Home & Yard.

“The Stine family and our leadership team are grateful for all of their hard work and dedication to our customers and the communities we serve.”

“With the rollback of Phase 2 for Covid safety in Louisiana, it is even more important for our 800 team members to be safe while assisting our customers who are making repairs following the hurricanes,” Stine added. “Our associates have done an incredible job navigating these two challenges and we are deeply appreciative for what they do for our communities.”