Athletes recipients of first Mack Braxton Scholarship

From left are Jaylon Braxton, Shakayla Browder and Ruby Braxton Photos by Ethan Smith

This year there was something different at the Annual Mack Braxton Tournament at Lakeview.  Ruby Braxton, wife of the late great Lakeview Coach Mack Braxton, along with some the Braxton family, felt in their hearts to create The Mack Braxton Scholarship Award, a $500 scholarship eligible to Lakeview basketball seniors.

From left are Ruby Braxton, Jaylon Braxton and Zenobia Poydras.
Photos by Ethan Smith

In it’s first year, the Mack Braxton Scholarship Award was presented to Shakayla Browder and Zenobia Poydras, two of the Lady Gators finest.

Congratulations to these two young ladies and a special thanks to the Braxton family and what they have done for Gator Nation.