JT for Dec. 5 edition


JT saw the headline in Friday’s The Advocate (Baton Rouge) stating “This is how the pandemic ends” highlighted by someone getting a shot in the arm. State officials and hospitals are preparing for the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine.

JT may just be cynical, or maybe he just needs that proverbial shot in the arm, but does anyone else find it —coincidental— that the moment the November election was over a vaccine was suddenly found?

On top of that, an effective vaccine! Ok, so Biden is in and Trump is out. The vaccine was found, and proven, while Trump is in office, but what do you want to bet Biden will take credit for the “cure” to the worst pandemic to hit the world since …. well, recent history! JT can’t help but notice how the whole Covid thing parallels politics.

Don’t get JT wrong, Covid is a bad virus, a deadly one, and for those whom have lost loved ones, or battled the disease themselves, JT doesn’t take that lightly– at all!

It’s real.

It’s dangerous.

It’s here for a while no matter when the vaccine becomes available and what precautionary measures are taken. —–

On to happier things, Christmas. Front Street is literally aglow right now. JT drove down Front Street and around town after dark and was impressed with how inviting and festive the stores are. One can’t help but want to go inside a “happy” place and in Natchitoches retailers are pulling out all the stops.

JT tries to buy local every chance he gets, meaning locally owned and well as businesses that employ local folks. There’s not much that can’t be found in Natchitoches and JT is happy to spend his dollars right here on gifts, groceries, dining out, pet and farm care, specialty items and healthcare. Remember those dollars you spend here come right back into the local economy.

What better way to say “Merry Christmas” than by helping ensure our economy is strong and our people are employed?

Merry Christmas all!