Representatives visit and speak with Lakeview students

From left are Assistant Director of Recruiting for LA Scholars College Forrest Middlebrook, New Orleans Recruiter Matt Craig, Lakeview Homecoming King Matt Nelson, NSU Director of Recruiting Van Erikson, NPSB Superintendent Grant Eloi, Central LA Recruiter Sarah Kay Whitehead and NSU President Dr. Chris Maggio.

Representatives from Northwestern State University (NSU) recently visited Lakeview’s campus to speak to juniors and seniors about scholarships and encouraged them to apply for their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Superintendent Dr. Grant Eloi joined them to promote the University and encourage students to take advantage of everything the school has to offer. President of NSU Dr. Chris Maggio gave examples of scholarships and other programs such as the Call Me Mister Program, which is an initiative aimed at recruiting African American males to be teachers and mentors, particularly at low-performing schools.

Matt Nelson, who was elected as Homecoming King addressed the group about the importance of being in leadership roles during college. Another outstanding program offered by NSU is the Advanced Manufacturing Program. Students enrolled in this program will work in a manufacturing facility while attending school. Once they have successfully completed the program, they will receive an Associate of Science in Engineering Technology degree from NSU, Certificate of Technical Studies-Advanced Manufacturing from CLTCC, and an AMT certificate from GeauxFAME.

Also attending the presentation were Forrest Middlebrook, Assistant Director of Recruiting for LA Scholars college, Sarah Kay Whitehead, Central LA Recruiter, and Van Erikson, Director of Recruiting.