JT for Dec. 10 edition


Sheriff Stuart Wright tells JT he wants to quash the rumor that he wants to go after an additional tax since the Parish Government solid waste tax expired leaving an available threshold for a sales tax.

That’s just not so the Sheriff says.

“Parish Government needs that tax and I will not seek another tax. We plan to operate within our budget.” The solid waste tax will be back on the ballot in April. The Sheriff also confirmed that School Resource Officers will escort people from high school basketball games who do not wear masks. There will be a large sign posted in the gyms telling fans that they must be masked or risks being removed.


JT watched the first quarter of the debacle called Alabama versus LSU Saturday. About the only positive thing you can say about the game is that the sound went out and sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl took over for about two minutes.

JT enjoyed not having the color commentary people talk themselves to death and overanalyze every move. Jamie simply said, “T. J. Finley once again connecting,” after Finley completed a pass. How refreshing. J T would like a lot less analysis and more of just saying what happened.


JT thought this year’s fireworks were outstanding. They were definitely louder and longer…and the ones cascading from the bridge were really unique. With only limited access to the Riverbank, and no parade, the crowd on Front Street looked thinner than usual, but that’s to be expected with COVID.

This had to be a hard one on the Festival Committee…not knowing what they could do until the last minute. Still they came through again. Someone suggested to JT that perhaps they overdid the fireworks because of the COVID roadblocks and that this might have been a swan song for many on the committee.

If you remember the Historic District Business Association (HDBA) took over the Festival around eight years ago when the Chamber turned it back over to the city. JT was at a meeting before Thanksgiving when the Mayor was asked what’s going to happen when the festival committee is worn out.

The person who asked the question, and who has inside knowledge, said the committee members were getting older. He wanted to know the city’s plans when they stepped away. JT doesn’t know if they’ll be around much longer or not, but without a doubt the HDBA taking over the Festival has been the best thing that could have happened.


Not sure if he’s at your house or not, but JT has heard quite a few cute stories about “Elf on the Shelf.” For you older people, that’s an elf from Santa’s workshop that visits the homes of children so he can report back to Santa.

Elfie…or whatever name the children have given this special guest…moves around the house so the children have to be good…everywhere and all the time before Christmas. JT heard of one case where the Elf showed up in the home with the COVID mask.

He also heard of another house where the Elf apparently called in for reinforcements because out of nowhere a second Elf showed up. ——-