La. casts its 8 electoral votes for Trump


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana’s eight electors cast their ballots Monday for President Donald Trump. The ceremony officially awarded the state’s Electoral College votes to the Republican who won Louisiana with 58% support but who lost his reelection bid nationally to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden. ‘

The vote happened in the Louisiana Senate chamber in an event that took under an hour. Electors stood individually to announce their votes and signed paperwork to confirm it. They followed that with a document commending Trump for his time in office. Many of the spectators who gathered to watch the short proceedings and some of the electors didn’t wear masks for the event.

After the meeting adjourned, a member of the public watching in the balcony screamed: “Stop the steal!” Louisiana’s potential electors are chosen by political parties from each of its six congressional districts and for two at-large positions. Eight Republicans were Louisiana’s electors Monday since Trump won the state.

President Donald Trump

After casting their ballots, Louisiana’s electors also passed a statement describing their “strongest disagreement and disapproval” about the U.S. Supreme Court’s dismissal of a Texas lawsuit trying to set aside votes in four states that Biden won due to baseless claims of widespread fraud.

They called on the congressional delegations of the four states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan — to object to their states’ electors. Louisiana’s electors passed the document unanimously without discussion.