An ordinance was introduced at the City Council for the Mariner’s Restaurant to construct a walkway to the island above. The island will be the site of a “Chef’s Table” for the restaurant. Photo by Hannah Richardson

By Juanice Gray,

The introduction of an ordinance regarding operations of the newly renovated Mariner’s Restaurant brought a good bit of excitement to the Dec. 14 City Council meeting. The ordinance would allow Mayor Ronnie Williams to enter into an agreement with Red Sky Adventures LLC. The City and Water Works Dist. 1 will lease the small island near Mariner’s, in Sibley Lake, and the air spaced above the lake between the two, to Red Sky for the purpose of “chef’s table” dining.

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Mariner’s co-owner Keri Fidelak said a walkway between the restaurant and the island would be constructed, the island would be cleared of underbrush, oyster shells would be utilized along the shore similar to the area surrounding the restaurant and a dining structure would be built.

Chef’s table guests would be given the experience of a sunset boat tour of Sibley Lake complete with cocktails and appetizers. They would dock at the island for the meal. Fidelak said the meal would be prepared in the restaurant kitchen and walked to the island via the walkway.

“I’m excited about it,” said Mayor Williams.

Several buildings in the City of Natchitoches are pending being declared unsafe by the City Council. The properties are in disrepair, have clutter, graffiti and/or overgrown with vegetation.

The council recommends the five properties be demolished or put into repair. They are located at 420 Julia St., 421 Julia St., 1003 Clarence Drive, 1413 Dixie St. and 606 Sabine Alley. Resident Jacqueline Parker said the property at 420 Julia St. had a new roof and repairs were slated to start in “a couple of weeks.”

The ordinance was introduced at the Dec. 14 meeting and will be up for a vote at the next meeting Jan. 11.

This property is at 311 Royal St. An ordinance to rezone it for commercial use was introduced at the Dec. 14 City Council meeting. It houses drug court.

An ordinance to rezone property at 311 Royal St. was introduced. The building houses drug court and has potential to house other entities and would be zoned for commercial use if passed.

The Council appointed the Assistant City Attorneys. They are Tommy Murchison, Cloyd Benjamin, Steen Oxenhandler, Gary Conlay, Alex Lyons, Jonathan Blake and Joe Stamey.

Glen Moffett was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Ed Dranguet as a member of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Development Board. He joins Gary Deblieux, Cloyd Benjamin, Francis Conien and Wayne McCullen.