Senior Spotlight: Zenobia Poydras


Today we put the spotlight on Lakeview Lady Gator Senior forward, Zenobia Poydras. This young woman has been the leader of the Lady Gators since her sophomore year. Poydras has been with this team during its one win season, and is still filling her same role as the team is ranked #4 in Class 2A.

Last season was Poydras’ first real taste of success, as the Lady Gators finished as the 17 seed, but this year it’s on a whole other level. Poydras said the team chemistry has grown a bunch and they are playing more as a unit, which is 100% true. Last season the girls had a ton of talent, but they just didn’t mesh well, and it’s a completely different story this year. They are playing with one goal in mind, winning a State Championship.

As far as being here when the team was at its worst, Poydras said that it’s a great feeling to have their respect now. That they were a laughingstock just a couple seasons ago, and now nobody wants to play them out of fear. Poydras’ play style is a huge part to the teams success this season. She is averaging a double double, but her biggest skills can’t come on the stat sheet. Poydras is a grit and grind player, someone who is not only not scared to jump on the floor, but she’s going be the first one there.

She’s saved numerous balls from going out of bounds and jumped on countless loose balls. Her offensive game has improved tremendously over the summer as well. She worked on her ball handling and shooting, and has become extremely versatile. She believes her biggest leadership trait is her voice. She talks on the court every game on both sides of the ball, but off the court is where it really matters. She’s there for her teammates when they need her, so the team can get back to running smoothly as soon as possible.

Her coach, Dewaskie Fuller, has made a huge impact on her and the team. Poydras loves Fuller’s high tempo aggressive style of play. She said, “Girls can’t run, and we can.” So basically they’re too fast for the competition, and that’s the reason they’re a top team in the state.

Poydras does hope to play college ball if she receives a scholarship, but if not, she plans on going to NSU or LSU and major in Biology.