JT-Lagniappe for Dec. 12


JT sure enjoys it when our readers react to some of his comments…even if they point out how wrong they think he is. A reader this week didn’t say JT was wrong…just gullible about the Biden/ Vaccine coincidence recently.

They offered a conspiracy story, which is a little out there…but then so are JT’s comments. They suggested Nazis, who had been trained by former concentration camp pharmacists, secretly produced the Pfizer vaccine. They were waiting to see how the US elections turned out before they made it public.

The vaccine was actually ready by Easter 2020, just as President Trump predicted it would be gone “like a miracle.” Coincidence? One thing JT knows is that the vaccine is trickling out. He heard one of the big hospitals in Shreveport was expecting their vaccine allotment of 95 vials to be delivered on Monday. Not sure how many doses are in a vile, but if health care workers are first in line for the vaccine, that won’t cover one floor of the hospital mentioned.

The vaccine will certainly have to be coming in larger numbers for any good to come of it. ——-

A new year is only weeks away, but JT doesn’t believe our state lawmakers are very excited about what lies ahead. There are two key issues staring them in the face. One is the state’s budget woes and the other is reapportionment (that’s where all of the House and Senate District lines are redrawn to conform to the latest census numbers.) The state’s Revenue Estimating Conference meeting has been pushed back to January to give the governor and lawmakers their projection for income for 2021-22’s budget year.

The governor will use those numbers and present his budget proposal by the end of February. The budget is process is not pretty. In fact it gets quite messy. This year’s COVID effect will certainly not make things easier.


On the subject of reapportionment…it’s going to be just as messy as the state’s population declines. Each district has a target number of residents, and as one district shrinks they have to get the voters from another.

What usually happens is the metropolitan areas get together to take care of themselves when their district population shrinks and the rural areas get some of their area taken away leaving them to piece mill a district together that sometimes is anything but uniform.

Then we have the Republican leadership continuing to fight Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards at every turn. Now JT hears the Black Caucus is going to push forward some police reform measures.

It’ going to be a very volatile session….and JT can’t wait to watch.