Fairview Baptist Church Living Nativity

David and Ashley Guillory portrayed Mary and Joseph in Friday night’s version of the drive through Nativity at Fairview Baptist Church. Visitors were greeted with cups of hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy as they heard the story of the birth of Christ. The displays featured live animals and and themed lights. Townspeople are Atlanta McCrory, Emily and Ava Prejean and Heather Woodard. Shepherds are Brad Merry and Hayden and Easton Cason. Photos by Juanice Gray

The Fairview Baptist Drive-through told the story of the angels and the Christmas story. The first scene depicted Mary as the angel told her she would be the mother of Jesus. The second scene portrayed Joseph who was visited by an angel as he slept. The third scene was of the shepherds as they watched the announcements of the angels. This announcement was a light show timed to music. The final scene was the nativity with baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, townspeople and shepherds along with many live animals.

Fairview Baptist Church pastor is Matt Endris.  Caleb Willis is music minister

Claire Endris, left, and Aubree Roberts cuddle rabbits as they portray townspeople at hte manger scene Saturday night. In back is Britney Tingle. Photo by Jana Endris