JT for Dec. 17 edition


Several weeks ago JT read a story where Louisiana Top educator, Superintendent of Schools Cade Brumley, made the argument school grounds were not the hot spot for the Coronavirus. JT thought it was a statistical trick at the time. In light of a number of recent school closures throughout the state till the end of the year because of COVID cases…JT now knows it was a bunch of bull. Even further to JT’s belief is that now Brumley is asking state health officials to put Louisiana’s teachers and support staff on the priority list for the vaccine. So apparently, the schools are not as safe he led us to believe several weeks ago.


Speaking of COVID…JT sees where Natchitoches Parish was declared a Hot Spot last week. Natchitoches Parish’s positive test percentage rose with 210 new cases last week. The state goal is 5% while we are at 10.69%. There have been 55 COVID deaths in the parish; four of them came last week. The parish reported a little over 1,900 tests being given. It stands to reason, the more tests, the more new cases we’ll have. What we haven’t heard much about is this is also flu season. No statistics yet on flu cases. Could it be that almost everything is being classified as COVID?


JT can’t keep it in any longer! The decision by LSU athletics to keep the Tigers out of postseason play (Bowl Games) in 2020 as part of their self-imposed punishment for NCAA rules infractions is a joke. If they were serious, they would have a bowl ban for 2021 too, since this year was an abbreviated season…so to speak. First of all…they don’t deserve to be in any Bowl Games.

Their record proves that! While the win over Florida was exciting, one game does not make a season. And the fact they are telling the Bowls they are bowing out is just a ploy hoping to find favor with the NCAA. Even with fewer teams playing this season, LSU should not be on anyone’s list for a Bowl Game.

Heck, they are not the best team in the state…probably not even below I-10

JT doesn’t think their season can end quick enough. ——-