Christmas meals provided

Reneka Clark and Daysia Norton, pictured at right, gave boxes Wednesday morning to members of the community including Lakaunda Moore, Verna Culbert and Norma Culbert, at left. Photo by Hannah Richardson

By Hannah Richardson,

The Youth and Families Empowerment Services (YFES) on Rapides Drive in Natchitoches provided free boxes of food for members of the community Wednesday, Dec. 23. Twenty-five boxes were given on a first come, first serve basis and had a turkey, chicken or ham with all the trimmings. It was a wonderful gesture on behalf of the organization during the holiday season.

YFES Program Director Reneka Clark said they usually give meals to the families that are under their services but they wanted to do something for the community this year. “We do different things throughout the year but, especially for the holidays, we want to make sure families that are in need have a meal for Christmas.” said Clark.

Founded in 2016, YFES is a multisystemic therapy agency that provides community-based mental/behavioral health intervention services to the youth aged 12-17 who display serious antisocial behaviors in Natchitoches, Rapides Parish and the other surrounding parishes.

Their counselors work with the child and family, as well as with teachers, extended family, neighbors and the child’s peer group over a four-month period.