JT for Dec. 24 edition


Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. JT hopes you don’t welcome COVID 19 into your home this holiday season and that you reach out to family and friends safely If you have small children…he also hopes you don’t hear the most awful words you can hear at Christmas… Some Assembly Required!

JT doesn’t like the hurry up pace and long lines of the holidays… but he did find a silver lining Monday morning. The drive through lanes at McDonald’s before 8 a.m. were short and fast. School aged kids must still be in their PJ’s eating “whop biscuits” or cereal for breakfast. That’s if they are up at all.

The two constant things JT hears about the Christmas Festival this year is how good the fireworks show is and how loud the fireworks are. It appears the fireworks are the “hook” to getting people to come to Natchitoches during the holidays. JT knows this has been an unusual festival year because of COVID…but it’s driven home the fact people come to Natchitoches for the fireworks and not so much the big name entertainment. Sure the headliner is nice…but it’s also very expensive. Using local talent seems to work out just fine.

JT sees where the lawsuit between the Republican leadership and Gov. John Bel Edwards is going back to District Court in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana Supreme Court did not rule on the Governor’s authority to make emergency rulings relative to COVID 19. They ruled the District Court Judge should have heard all of the arguments presented in the suit. Here’s what JT finds interesting. …one court ruled the other missed the point of the case. In actuality, it was the state supreme court that missed the point. Rather than make a ruling on the governor’s actions…they found a technicality…and a reason not to offer an opinion… and sent it back down to the district court. They know it’s going to come back to them so they should have stepped up and settled the issue. JT can hear the ca ching of lawyer fees continuing.