A listing of pharmacies that do/do not have the Covid-19 vaccine


Effective Jan. 4:

Priority Group 1-A: Ongoing (around 249,000 eligible people)

* Health care workers at Tier 1 and Tier 2 hospitals

* Staff and residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities

* Emergency Medical Services employees and firefighters

Priority Group 1-B, Tier One:  (around 640,000 eligible people)

* Schools of allied health students, residents and staff

* End stage renal disease facility personnel and patients

* Home agency patients and personnel

* Ambulatory and outpatient health care personnel

* Persons 70 years old and older


••••••••The following local/area pharmacies have the vaccine:

•Super 1 in Dixie Plaza has the vaccine for those eligible (age 70 and over).  Those requesting the vaccine must be placed on a waiting list by contacting the pharmacy directly. Vaccines will be given beginning Jan. 6.

Walgreens, 280 San Antionio Ave., Many.

Albertsons, 105 E Southfield Road, Shreveport and at 2265 S Macarthur Drive, Alexandria.

Brookshire’s, 5828 Line Ave., (318) 869-0669, Shreveport; 9250 Mansfield Road, (318) 686-6311, Shreveport; 1117 Polk St., (318) 871-2976, Mansfield; and at 4918 Barksdale Blvd., (318) 549-2107, Bossier City.

Super 1, 604 MacArthur Drive, (318) 442-5710, Alexandria; 2640 Waggoner Ave., (318) 631-2065, Shreveport; 1870 Airline Drive, (318) 746-8401, Bossier City

Arcadia Family Pharmacy, 1311 Hazel St., (318) 263-3948, Arcadia.

Boudreaux’s Compounding Pharmacy, 2551 Greenwood Road, (337) 436-7216, Shreveport.

Holloway Pharmacy, 12805 Highway 28E, (318) 466-3113, Pineville.

Mitchell’s Pharmacy, 202 E. Main St., (318) 259-7466, Jonesboro.


••••••••The vaccine is not currently available at the following Natchitoches area pharmacies:



•Cade’s, Montgomery’s/Family and Lakeview Pharmacies said they do not have, nor will they be getting, the vaccine.

•Southern Scripts does not administer medications.