Shields toes the line to Gator victory

Coach Brian Williams gives his team instructions during a time out. Photo by Ethan Smith

Lakeview 74/Caldwell 65

The Lakeview Gators looked to cap off the Caldwell tournament with a win over the tournament host, the Caldwell Spartans, Wednesday, Dec. 30. The Spartans kicked things off with a steal and fast break score, but Andre Sowell took over and hit back-to-back corner threes to start the game off for the Gators.

Caldwell got a long-range score of their own and on the next possession, fouled and still made the bucket inside. Javonte Howard hit his first three, followed by Lonzo Driver knocking down a triple as well. Caldwell get a nice midrange jumper and shortly after, Lakeview finally found their way inside off a fast break score from C.J Jones.

More back and forth play led to Lakeview leading at the end of the first quarter, 18-16.  The second quarter started off with back to back threes from Caldwell, then Howard scored five straight for the Gators, a three and a layup. The Spartans scored eight unanswered points to push their lead. Sowell stopped the run with an inside layup. Jones knocked down a shot from the corner, then Lakeview enjoyed a 9 point run of their own to recover the lead. A three and fast break towards the end of the buzzer was enough to give Caldwell the lead at halftime 39-37.

Mike Shields had 21 points against Caldwell

Mike Shields completely took over the third quarter, scoring 9 of Lakeview’s 18 points. Shields is a big part of this Lakeview team on both sides of the ball. On offense, he can blow by any defender, and if nobody is open for him to dish it to, he will make the craziest layup over a defender twice his size. Defensively, he’s one of the best in this district; he can take charges, stay in front of any person you put in front of him, steal the ball from the opponent’s hands, or read the passing lane and start a fast break. Shields does whatever it takes for his team to succeed and has done so all year. With Shields’ dominance, the Gators pulled ahead 55-50 at the end of the third.

Howard knocked down a three to start off the fourth, followed by a midrange bucket from Tevin Hickman who boasted his season high eight points in the game. The Spartans tried to foul late, but Shields wasn’t going to miss at the line, and the Gators walked away victors, 74-65.

Shields was the leading scorer with 21 points, and the Gators move to 11-3 on the season.