Sunday-Monday snow impacts possible


Source: Mary Jones, OEP Director

Potential for High Impact Snowfall Late Sunday into Early Monday…

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Timing and Overview:
A low pressure system will push across Texas into the Gulf of Mexico late this weekend and bring a mix of rain and snow to the area.  Here is a projected timeline:

  • Rain/Snow mix could begin as early as Sunday Morning across East Texas.
  • Rain/Snow mix will quickly expand eastward, encompassing the remainder of the Four State Region during the day Sunday. Likely more rain than snow during the day Sunday as temperatures warm.
  • Rain/Snow mix will continue Sunday Night (this is where our more significant snow accumulations could materialize as the rain/snow mix could become more snow Sunday Night with falling temperatures.
  • Snow should be ending from west to east across the Four State Region Monday Morning.

Four State Impacts:

  • If snow rates become moderate to heavy, accumulating snow will make elevated surfaces such as bridges slick first and then roads as road surfaces on the ground cool by Monday morning.
  • If several inches of heavy wet snow occur, power outages will be possible from the weight of snow on trees and powerlines.

Expected Accumulations:

  • Most Likely – 1-3 inches across most of the Four State Region
  • Worst Case Scenario Slightly higher amounts across localized areas.
  • Low End – Less than inch of snowfall

This forecast is far from certain at this time.  Uncertainty exists as to the location of the upper trough and exactly where the coldest air will be. This will play a large role as to how much snow accumulation our area receives late this weekend.  We will continue to monitor the progression of this winter storm system as the event nears as higher snowfall amounts are certainly possible.