Hospital CEO Kirk Soileau pens message of gratitude


By now, it goes without saying that everyone is glad to see the calendar year roll over to 2021. Yet, at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center (NRMC), we see this past year as a mixed bag. While there were relentless challenges, these were balanced by organizational successes and maccomplishments. I want to acknowledge both the personal sacrifice and amazing dedication of each and every associate, physician, board member, and volunteer this past year without complaint or need for affirmation.

Their selfless acts, inner strength, and compassion coupled with their absolute dedication to patient care allowed NRMC to continue its mission without fail. In some ways, the pandemic strengthened our resolve and determination to build a strong future for those we serve. Our community responded by showing their support for all those on the frontlines caring for the sick and injured. From cards and letters to monetary, food, and supply donations, we appreciated all the individuals, business partners and other organizations who fueled our ability to stay the course and work toward a higher calling. We especially appreciate our patients and their families for their trust.

Addressing their needs was always our greatest priority and seeing them recover, our greatest triumph. Amazingly in 2020, our strategic planning efforts never missed the mark. We successfully opened a new Wound Care Center, Multispecialty Clinic, and Breast Center. We’d like to thank and congratulate the NRMC Foundation and its donors who delivered on the promise of bringing 3-D mammography to NRMC. We also welcomed three new doctors, graduated 14 associates from our inaugural Leadership Academy, and congratulated EMS for becoming a training center.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our team has a solid organizational and direction in place for 2021. We are focused on the future, and we are confident it will be stronger and brighter than ever! Together we have made phenomenal service expansion strides and will continue to do so. We are especially excited about the many new access to care opportunities we are creating for our community and our growing network of specialists. The NRMC Foundation will continue to focus on supporting excellent women’s care through our “We Care for Moms & Babies Campaign” which will provide brand new equipment and software to ensure optimal care for our tiniest patients and their moms. What has become apparent is that the true life of our organization is represented by the nearly 1,000 associates, medical staff, volunteers, board members and Foundation partners and donors who support NRMC each day.

Together they improve the health and quality of life of each person who seeks care and comfort within our health system. They are the heart and soul of NRMC, the heroes of 2020, and the people who are successfully creating a brighter future for our community. At NRMC, we are encouraging everyone to keep their guard up and do all they can to stay safe. We are still in the midst of this pandemic, so please continue to mask, social distance, wash your hands frequently and stay informed.

Visit the NRMC website at for COVID-19 announcements, vaccine administration sites, and other helpful information. With heartfelt gratitude, I thank everyone who has helped NRMC this year carry out its mission. I wish each of you and your family a healthy and happy 2021. Kirk Soileau, Natchitoches Regional Medical Center