Local body shop owner urges public to be cautious on roads

Tony's Body Shop

The Natchitoches Times reached out to local wrecker services to see how this weather event has impacted motorists.

Brian Swords with Tony’s Body Shop said they had responded to calls nonstop since 8 p.m. last night. “It was all hands on deck,” he said.

The calls range from rescuing motorists attempting to go around downed trees and becoming stuck to those who lost control in the snow, slush and ice. “Some simply slid into the ditch trying to navigate the slush‚” he said. Drivers are not used to navigating in these conditions. “Everyone please be very cautious,” he said. Current conditions put everyone in peril. The wrecker services and linemen trying to restore power need to do their jobs.

Swords advised people to use extreme caution when going around downed trees. “They could have downed power lines in them that people can’t see. That is a dangerous situation.”