Letter to the Editor: Rodney Allen


Dear Editor:

Once again Royal Alexander has offered readers of the Natchitoches Times an op-ed outrage to those of us who care about the rule of law and democracy itself. Ever the optimist, as Alexander described himself in a previous post, he hopes for a last-minute miracle for his disgraced political hero Donald Trump. But it isn’t going to happen. No, Royal. While Jan. 6, 2021 will go down in American history, it will do so only as a last, desperate, failed attempt by Trump and Trump dead-enders like you to defy the will of the clear majority of the voters and reinstall a failed president who believes he alone is responsible to no one and is unbound by law or any other constraint.

The mental gymnastics, tortured pretzel logic and Jesuitical “legalisms” you employ to suggest Congress has the right to overturn the victory of Joe Biden over Trump by nearly 8,000,000 votes—and by 306 Electoral votes to 232—are painfully obvious “special pleading” on your part. If the election had gone the other way, and Trump had won by the margins Biden did, you would have gloated Trump had prevailed in a landslide and that any legal challenges to the vote were simply the Democratic machinations of liberal “communists” whose fondest wish is to turn the United States into Venezuela. But would you be willing to admit to the readers of the Natchitoches Times that’s exactly what you’d have done if Trump had won? Of course you wouldn’t. But now comes your ultimate humiliation as a Trump sycophant: a recording released just hours ago Sunday, of a phone call Trump made to Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger demanding Raffensperger “find” enough alleged Trump votes to take the state away from Biden.

Trump even specified the number of votes (11,780) he needed Raffensperger to “recalculate” to get the job done. This abhorrent behavior—which lasted for over an hour—is available for anyone to listen to who can endure it for that long. As in the case of Trump’s call to the President of Ukraine, it’s shameless pressure. It’s how a mob boss would threaten witnesses when facing prison for his crimes. And what Trump did yesterday is a crime. It’s called election tampering. So how will you explain away this second “perfect call,” Royal Alexander? I have no doubt you’ll try, because there’s no end to your willingness to shill for Trump.

But then you’ll just be heaping more humiliation on yourself. In the film “Gladiator,” one of the Roman soldiers facing the remnants of the opposing army of Goths says to his leader Maximus Decimus Meridius: “People should know when they’re defeated.”  In truth, Royal, when you declared war on the democratic majority of the United States and on the rule of law, and on the authority of the Constitution of the United States, you never even had a fighting chance.

Rodney Allen, Natchitoches