Just Talkin’ for Jan. 7, 2021


JT is excited to see just a tiny sliver of normalcy return. Next week, a panel of stakeholders will interview the parish’s best and brightest youngsters for Student of the Year. School level Students of the Year in grades five, eight and 12 will be interviewed individually by the panel to determine the parish winners.

It will be done in person, with every social distancing and safety protocol known to man in place and utilized. JT thinks some things are just not the same unless they are in person. Congratulations to all the school level winners and best wishes during their upcoming interviews.


JT has never seen anything quite like the rally that was happening in DC as he wrote this. The capitol was bracing for President Trump’s rally in the city, two from Louisiana, Sen. John Kennedy and Rep. Clay Higgins, were slated to vote to overturn Biden’s election while Bill Cassidy was expected to vote for it and Georgia was down to the wire in their senate runofffs. What a collective mess!

JT doesn’t understand how the election isn’t cut and dried. How can our most basic freedom be executed so questionably? In Louisiana, the election process is quite secure and accurate. For once, maybe the nation needs to look to us to see how things should be done.

JT is sure former Clerk of Court and current Senator Louie Bernard as well as current Clerk of Court David Stamey could give them some pointers!