JT for Jan. 9, 2021 edition


Like many of you, JT hopes the Trump presidential challenges will soon be over following this week’s vote certification in Congress. It’s past time to just …let it go! Between the continuing election fraud rhetoric and all the comments on social media…JT has had enough. It does remind JT just how much this country is really divided and how it’s time for those outspoken critics to join ranks of the “silent majority.” We need to re-word a social media post that said, “I’ll be as nice to your president as you were to mine.” The proper change would be “I’ll be BETTER…”

Don’t expect any healing to come quickly after the chaos. Who won in Georgia will not change the mood of our Congress. We didn’t get this divided overnight….and it’s not going to change no matter the size of the stick our leaders are waving. We all need to do our part and aim for the greater good. Congressmen need to remember they represent the people of their district…and not the party.

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It seems it will be mid or late February before we get state population numbers to use in our re-drawing of district lines for our Congressmen, State Senators, State Representatives and a variety of boards. But more importantly it determines how much of the $1.5 trillion spending pot communities throughout the United States get. Under federal law they were due Dec. 31, but that date was changed to Feb. 9. Now, the word from Washington it could be mid February. Re-drawing those lines at the state level can get pretty ugly…both in the shape of the districts to protect incumbents, and in the heated process of elected officials protecting their districts.


Speaking of politics….we’re not through in Louisiana. JT read where the wife of the late Luke Letlow, who died before he could take his 5th Congressional seat, has indicated she might run. Remember, that’s the seat the former state senator Gerald Long expressed some interest in when Ralph Abraham announced his retirement from the House of Representatives. JT also sees where the man Lutlow beat, Sate Rep. Lance Harris of Alexandria, is also pondering another shot as is Martin Lemelle, who finished fourth in the race and there are at least four others considering a run. Qualifying for the vacant seat begins Jan. 20 with the election set for March 20.