Cases heard in District Court


By Juanice Gray,

Oct. 27

•Bagley, Ty, DWI-first offense: Dismissed after completing DA’s Office pre-trial intervention program.

•Belle, Elizabeth, theft, bench warrant issued.

•Burton, Cadarius, abuse prevention order: Witness not in court. Case continued. Dismissed Dec. 1 after witness was unable to be located thereby rendering the state was unable to prove their case.

•Carter, Chrishan L, simple possession of marijuana: Dismissed by the State.

•Chark, Kayla S., reckless operation: sentenced to serve 15 days in the parish jail, suspended, placed on six months probation and ordered to pay $1,186.50 in fines and costs plus $25 monthly P&P supervision fees.

•Eagle, Reginald Ardel, 42, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 30 days in parish jail, suspended and placed on 6 months probation. Ordered to pay $1,291.50 in fines and costs plus $25 monthly P&P fees. Driving under suspension: Ordered to pay $100 fine.

•Ferguson, Tyler Aaron, abuse prevention order: Dismissed by the State.

•Johnson, Tyler Lee, simple possession of marijuana. Bench warrant issued.

•Jones, Donell, simple battery: Dismissed, no witness available rending the state unable to prove their case.

•Perleberg, Fredrick Scott, abuse prevention order: dismissed, no witness rendering State unable to prove their case.

•Robinson, Cornell: attempt to obtain a prescription by fraud: Bench warrant issued.

•Simon, Vontrrell Deshaun, resisting an officer: Bench warrant issued.

•Taylor, Sharon N, Provencal, issuing worthless checks: Bench warrant issued.

•Wamber, Genard E., simple possession of marijuana: Bench warrant issued.

•Weldon, Joel Reed, abuse prevention order plus other charges: Bench warrant issued

•Williams, Albert Lee, Zwolle, aggravated assault with a firearm: Dismissed, no witness rendering State unable to prove their case.

ªParker, Harry Ray, 42, improper lane usage: 14 days in parish jail w/credit for time served and pay $427.50 in costs and fines.

•Walter, Danny Ray, DWI-first offense: Bench warrant issued.

•Lewis, Crystal Evette: failure to return leased property: Bench warrant issued.