Get started in the right direction with outdoor workout program


By Hannah Richardson

If you’re just starting out on your fitness goals for 2021, you might have a difficult time finding where to get started. Outdoor fitness program Camp Gladiator has a promotion that hopes to guide you in the right direction! They are offering full body outdoor workouts for the month of January. These are socially-distanced workouts led by a trainer that wants to help you reach your goals. One trainer that wants to get you headed in the right direction is Kiana Scott, who started out as a camper in 2017 and moved into training in 2019.

“For those individuals who are looking for a new, fresh start, I would suggest starting with realistic goals,” said Scott. “Do not get caught up in the social media likes and dislikes. Health and wellness is absolutely a lifestyle change.  It requires deduction, consistency and time management.  First, I would tell you to set smart goals and do not get distracted.  Utilize a calendar to assist in self-accountability.  Secondly, set realistic goals.  This will require a deep dive into what you want to achieve and then what the workload will require. Please understand this is not an overnight success. This will take time and effort. Third, you cannot train an unhealthy diet.  You will have to make changes in your diet to see results.  Fourth, drink water and lastly, do not quit on yourself!  You will feel the effects of working out and you should! Do not quit!”

Scott advises others to get a battle or accountability partner who will assist in motivating you, as well as themselves. “Discuss your goals together and hold each other accountable and try Camp Gladiator! We work with all fitness levels from being sedentary for years to the level four anaerobic fitness level athlete and the campers have access to over 1,000 certified personal trainers from all over the world by choosing the virtual option.”

“It is very important to start fresh with New Year resolutions and stick with them.  With this new environment, we have seen a tremendous impact on people’s physical and mental health. It is extremely important to add a health and wellness plan to your every day to assist with these two things specifically. Also if you participate in some sort of daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, you are guaranteeing longevity, peace of mind and regulating your blood flow which will all promote a healthy lifestyle.”

To take advantage of Camp Gladiator’s free outdoor full body workouts for the remainder of January, visit, and search for Kiana Scott as your trainer.