Just Talking’ for Jan. 14, 2021


The snow on Sunday evening was well worth the wait. We’d been hearing about it for almost a week before it actually got here…even though we had serious doubts it would actually happen. But it did… and JT enjoyed seeing all the snowmen pop up across town. Everybody seemed to get into the snowman building movement. Judging from the size of some of them, they could be here till next week. The cold weather, mixed with the snow, resulted in two “snow days” for students. Speaking of “snow days”…they are not as much fun as they used to be thanks to Covid. In the “old days,” a snow day meant no school and lots of snow fun. The “new” snow day simply means the outside fun doesn’t come until virtual learning is completed.


JT hears the Democratic led Congress is going to impeach President Donald Trump…again. Not sure what is going to really happen with all this. One political observer said it’s just an effort to add more pressure on the outgoing president so he doesn’t have time to do anything else they won’t like. Sure seems like a lot of waste of effort from our leaders for someone with less than 10 days remaining in office. Why don’t they just pass something stripping him of all powers until the end of his term? That would be a lot simpler and faster to get done than another impeachment.


JT was told a long time ago that most people think their elected official is doing a good job. They are not the problem…it’s those other representatives and senators. Visiting with a young voter the other day, JT was presented with a novel approach to voting. JT was told we should treat our elected officials like coaches. You’re either successful or you go home. Kind of blunt…but to the point. Just like the Facebook post JT heard about that says if your not happy with academics at LSU…send them some of your football money.


Since JT is critical so much of the time he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to pass on a compliment when it’s warranted. At the City Council meeting Monday, he was pleased to see a large television screen mounted on the front desk. As the meeting proceeded, visuals related to agenda items appeared on the television screen that gave an explanation of just what the item was. It showed such things as locations of properties in question and pictures of new committee members. Thanks to Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr., for another layer of transparency. And on his way to work Wednesday, JT noticed the heavy road equipment at work on the streets in Pan Am as promised a couple of months ago.


JT shouldn’t tell this bit on himself but can’t resist. He was all set to watch the National Championship game Monday night between Alabama and Ohio State. He flipped on the tube and it was on a station that JT assumed was ESPN since the pre-game show was on. He was puzzled about the split screen of which the upper left corner was focused on Nick Saban on the sidelines. He thought they were waiting for Sabain to rip off his headset and throw it on the ground. He also assumed when Ohio State got the ball it would focus on Coach Ryan Day. Didn’t happen. It stayed on Saban the whole time. It took JT a quarter to realize he was watching the University of Alabama football station and not ESPN. Also adding to the confusion was that while the announcers favored Alabama, they were fairly balanced in their comments. Only when he changed the channel because he was tired of seeing Alabama score did he get ESPN. Oh well. JT is happy for ’Bama’s number one fan in Natchitoches, Dr. Vicki Gentry.


JT was left scratching his head recently. He was talking with a friend whose power went out during the snow day, and stayed out a couple days. His friend gets updates on his phone concerning outages. Three times the friend got notices his power was restored. Three times it was not. Now, that’s not the convoluted part. The notice stated that if power is not restored, to log in online to update the outage status. That’s where JT gets befuddled. There is no power – so how can one go online to report the outage? Even cell phones require wifi to get online so it’s pretty much impossible. Those of you around JT’s age will understand this reference to “Things that make you go Hmmm!”