Prioritize your everyday choices when it comes to completing your 2021 goals


By Hannah Richardson

Now that the Mardi Gras season is here, we see treats such as king cake everywhere we look! Enjoy the festival season, but don’t let any setbacks you may have stop you from continuing your journey to a new you. Meet Blaine Murphy, a certified trainer at Basic Health and Fitness in Natchitoches, who has advice for those who might need a push in the right direction when it comes to your fitness goals this year.

Murphy has been a trainer for 12 years, and was a paramedic prior for 12 years. He also taught fifth grade science and math for seven years at East Natchitoches Elementary. “During my years of teaching I would set up clients with programming and I got to the point to where I had enough clientele that I could take on my passion full time.  It’s been the biggest blessing to get to help others reach their fitness goals. I do not take it for granted that I am extremely lucky to get to do what I love for a living,” said Murphy.

Murphy said that resolutions are rarely sustainable. “I have found that most people make unrealistic plans for putting their health as a priority. The fact that you will suddenly have the ability to wake up at 5 a.m. or meal prep all your food just based on the calendar changing from one year to the next is not rational. That is a poor motivator. The fact is that it is nothing more than realizing that every goal is achieved in baby steps and not grand gestures,” he said.

“From the second we wake up, we have choices to make that will effect us and our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It’s “this or that” one takes you towards your goals and the other pushes them away. Oatmeal and fruit or donuts? Go for a walk or plop down on the couch? Drink alcohol or water? Go to bed at decent hour or scroll through social media for hours? Little decisions, everyday, achieving your goals or not. It’s truly just that. The cool part is that you control all of it. You are in charge. We are all a combination of little decisions that we make everyday. No one controls your actions. We only allow others to influence them. We hold the final say.”

Muphy said to choose things that allow you to be the best version of yourself. “Discipline is developed by consistently putting what’s best for you over what is short term pleasure. Never let a good time derail a good thing like your mental and physical well-being. We can all achieve whatever we decide is of value. It’s up to you to prioritize your choices you are faced with every day.”

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it should be that prioritizing our health is priceless. I was asked if ‘2021 is a great time to invest in your health?’ … Today is. Next week is and next month is. It’s a lifestyle that will benefit you in every aspect of your life.”