Road Report; 92 maintenance jobs in December

Road Report

By Carolyn Roy,

The Parish Government Highway Dept. spent $147,956 on 92 road maintenance jobs during December according to the report submitted by Director Johnny Salard. The total included $59,512 for equipment, $65,464 for materials and $22,078 for labor.

The jobs were a wide range of operations including blading and patching, adding gravel, cleaning out beaver dams, removing trees blocking roads, road repair and patching, repairing washouts, installing culverts, ditching and more.

•In District 1, represented by Chris Paige, there were three jobs totaling $35,707. The total amount includes $9,738 for equipment, $22,429 for materials and $3,538 for labor. Those jobs were on Tauzin Island Road to remove a tree blocking the road; minor repair to Miller Farm Road; and patching on Brickyard. Much of Paige’s district is within the Natchitoches City limits.

•In District 2, represented by Patsy Ward-Hoover, there were six jobs totaling $5,308. A breakdown includes $3,000 for equipment, $1,034 for materials and $1,263 for labor. A job on Fish Hatchery Road repaired a washout and another patched a pothole. Two jobs on Helaire and Voisant roads patched and added bottom ash while another added reclaimed substances. Washed gravel was added on Solomon Lane and Bermuda Road.

•There were no jobs done in District 3 represented by Jim Kilcoyne. Those roads are within the City limits.

•District 4, represented by Marty Cheatwood, encompasses roughly one-third of the parish. There were 45 jobs performed with a cost of $46,328. That breakdown is $19,705 for equipment; $19,212 for materials; and $7,410 for labor. Among the larger jobs were grading, ditching and adding rock on Campti Bayou, $2,563; adding road base mix on Allen-Beulah Road, $6,766; grading, ditching and adding rock on Desadier Road, $8,017; and adding road base mix on Red Nelson, $4,829.

•District 5 is represented by John Salter. The land mass includes nearly half of the parish from the middle to the southern boundary. By far the largest job was on Old River Road for blading at a cost of $16,379. Another big expense was installation of a culvert on Bayou Derbonne at a cost of $3,835. The breakdown includes $27,058 for equipment, $22,787 for materials; and $9,866 for labor for a total of $59,712.

By comparison, in November there were 120 jobs at a total cost of $164,849.54.

Two month total is $311,905.73.

Published Jan. 23-24, 2021