Family and friends help local woman celebrate 90th birthday

Lori Tate

Lori Tate of Natchitoches had several cars full of people wishing her a happy 90th birthday during her drive-by birthday parade Sunday, Jan. 17. She celebrated her birthday Jan. 20 and wished for her friends and family to celebrate by participating in the parade and sending her birthday cards.

The parade day was beautiful and so many wonderful people showed up for Lori Tate from every sector of her life. She had visitors including grandchildren and great grandchildren, people with whom she has worked these last 50 years, cousins all the way from Shreveport, and folks from church and Council on Aging aerobics class.

Cards and flowers, gifts, meals and cakes have all been shared with her on this momentous occasion. Her family is so grateful for her life and this time with her. She is still telling jokes and enjoys laughing- it is what keeps her young, she says. Thank you to friends and family for the cards, calls and gifts; she cannot wait to check her mail to see who she may hear from every day.