Just Talkin’ for Jan. 28, 2021


We now know the pandemic ripple effect will see a $228 million drop in state revenues. That’s for the budget that will start July 1 of this year. The State Revenue Estimating Conference made their projections recently, after delaying their estimate at the end of the year as required. Of course this means cuts to higher education and healthcare, the only two areas of the budget not protected by the constitution. Be very concerned…just don’t panic yet. We could still have a sizable stimulus bailout coming from Washington. At least that’s what the people preparing our state budget are hoping.


JT hears the second round of stimulus checks have been hitting mailboxes and bank account the last few weeks. There may even be a third one in President Joe Biden’s stimulus package. This will give our economy a bump as the $600 per person is spent. But make no mistake…rural America is still hurting, especially in Louisiana. And it could get worse! JT read somewhere…and he’s retraced his steps but can’t recall where…that Louisiana will be one of a half dozen states to have a drop in population according to preliminary Census numbers. That means less federal aid to our state, towns and villages will be headed our way in the next 10 years.


JT is hearing of more and more cases of COVID in our midst…and yet he’s also seeing more and more people not wearing a mask. He’s really glad that President Biden signed an executive order that said you must mask up when you are on Federal property. The same should hold true for state property. Unfortunately, there’s no penalty for not masking up. Maybe law enforcement representatives could just slap a sticker on them that says “I’m Stupid.”


Here’s another thought to ponder…. “Everything free is paid for by someone who works.”

Published Jan. 28, 2021