Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Jan. 30-31, 2021


JT didn’t realize so many people want to be on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). There were six individuals who put their name into the hat. Two are Republicans, two from the Democratic Party, one is an Independent and another is No Party. Three of the candidates have ties to the legislature. Shelly McFarland’s (R) husband is a current State Representative from Winnfield, Michael Melvin (R) is in the law firm of Shreveport State Representative Alan Seabaugh, and John Milkovich (I) from Shreveport is a former one term State Senator.

The two Democratic candidates Cassie Williams and Emma Shepard both have education backgrounds. The other candidate, Cody Whitaker of Winnfield, has no party affiliation and is a fourth grade teacher in Winn Parish. There’s no doubt it will be the most talked about race facing voters March 20.

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So, here are the questions you have to ponder when deciding whom gets your vote. Do I want to vote for a Democrat or a Republican? Do I want to vote for someone with political ties? Or do I want to vote for an educator?

Notice, JT didn’t ask, “Who was best for the job?” Too often, that’s not a consideration.


Now that the Biden administration has re-opened the borders, look for US citizens to go to the back of the vaccine line. Which is where it seems Americans have been for quite some time. It’s really going to be bad once the refugees from Guatemala cross over.


Not sure you noticed it or not…but postage went up this week on quite a few mailings, including first class letters. From what JT reads, most of the other areas of mailing will follow with increased rates. At this rate, JT sees a return to the days when people paid their bills in person.

In print Jan. 30-31, 2021