Chucks and Pearls

On front row from left are Christine Pier, Evelyn Jones, Jamie Morris, Quan Slate and Mary Edwards. On back row are Breaka Peoples, Precious Barber, Angela Perkins, Shawnya Paige, Patricia Colston, Tiffani Martin Kenya Bradley, Reba Phelps, Andrea Bloodworth, Josephine Winder and Claire Prymus.

Precious Barber, CEO and founder of Precious Be Inc., hosted a Chucks and Pearls event Wednesday, Jan. 20 at the Legacy Café. Chucks and Pearls was a celebration for the first woman Vice-President Kamala Harris. Several women of the Natchitoches community from all walks of life came together for an Inaugural Watch Party. During the Party, free new clothes were given to those who came from impoverished communities and the public was informed about several free community programs. Precious Be Inc. would like to thank Natchitoches Parish School Board member Reba Phelps, Natchitoches City Council Member, Rosemary Washington-Elie and Claire Prymus and the Zetas for being part of the Chucks and Pearls in Natchitoches.