JUST TALKIN’ for Feb. 4, 2021


Man…did JT step into it. He mentioned in the weekend paper the backgrounds of those seeking Tony Davis’ seat on BESE and asked the question if we wanted a politician or educator to take the seat. It was quickly brought to JT’s attention there was a third choice—-a woman.

Half of the six candidates in the March election for the BESE seat are, in fact, women. JT was reminded that education is primarily dominated by the female gender. Take away the former coaches now (and in the past) in administration, and women do, and have, filled the majority of the key positions in schools and higher education systems around the state.

As one caller said, “That’s not an endorsement…just a fact.”


JT got an alert at the office earlier this week reminding him that the term “Super Bowl®” is trademarked and cannot be used in stories, advertising or promotion. If you use it in a story, it has to have the ® attached and only when there is no better term to describe the event. The Big Game is ok to use. Not sure if the ® police will be out in force, but JT knows some organizations, and apparently the National Football League is one of them, who are “zealous” in protecting their trademark. So be forewarned about promoting your “Big Game” party. Big Brother…or his cousins… may be watching. And of course…you’re only lucky until you get caught.


According to Punxsutawney Phil this week, we are headed for another six weeks of winter. JT can see where that’s important news for those folks up north in Yankee Land. But us folks in the South…winter is just not that big a deal. JT’s always been skeptical about the accuracy of weather prognisticators…so he Googled Phil.

Sure enough, Phil is just as much on target as those we see on television. In the past 10 years, Phil has been right in his prediction just five times. JT has come to rely upon his aches and pains to forecast the upcoming weather much more than the folks on TV.


JT thinks Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr., hit a homerun with his State of the City speech on Monday evening. Check our story for a link to the YouTube channel if you missed it. It wasn’t the typical political delivery but an honest talk that included some major problems and what it will take to solve them.

JT is impressed with how a novice elected official has such a grasp of what it takes to run the city. JT loved his statement, “…I hit the ground running and I’m still running.” He is of course referring to the onset of Hurricane Laura just a few days after he took office. JT also likes that he is a cheerleader for NSU. JT struggled with his home computer since the link to the City’s website wouldn’t open and was furiously texting his technical support (family members) on how to get the link to open and finally got there to hear the last 20 minutes which contained the bulk of the message. The Mayor said his home was without power for eight days during Hurricane Laura.

JT has family members who live in his area and were among the last to see power restored. It was a long, hot eight days. That area of the city gets utilities from SWEPCO since it was outside the City limits when the subdivision was built. JT would love to see the Mayor lobby to get that section of town put on Cleco power if that’s possible.