Miley signs with Louisiana College

Jace Miley signed a letter of intent to play football at LC. He is shown with his parents, Melissa and Henry Frye. Photos by Juanice Gray

St. Mary’s senior Jace Miley signed a letter of intent to play football for Louisiana College next fall. Coach Aaron York said Monday at the signing, “Ever since I got here he has said his goal was to play college football. He’s worked hard to get it.” York said Miley wanted to go into some form of education with a concentration in physical education and to coach. Miley said he chose LC because it felt like home and the place he wanted to be the next four years.

An alumnus of LC, York said, “He really liked the visit up there and told me that is where he wanted to go. We both sat down with the coaches and they said they’d love to have him.”

Miley attributes his big family’s support to reaching his goal of playing college ball. “This is something they wanted me to do, to chase my dreams,” he said. “Everyone from little cousins to big cousins to aunts and uncles. My uncle Ken (McLaren) is a big inspiration to me. He coaches high school basketball and I want to do what he does, but with football. I’ve asked him for advice a lot about making decisions in my life.”

While he may be assigned any position on the field, York expects he may be a center, where he is already familiar. Fellow senior and teammate Patrick Vienne said, “We’ve played together since we were in fourth grade. He’s always been the hardest worker, he loves football better than anything.” Vienne said Miley cares for his teammates and has a great work ethic. “It’s been a pleasure to play with him the last 10 years.”

Miley’s mother, Melissa Frye, said she has known since he was in fourth grade that he wanted football to be a part of his life, “…in the bigger picture.”

“Jace’s love for the sport began at a young age when he played football in second and third grades for the City of Natchitoches. He joined the St. Mary’s football team in fourth grade and for the last nine years has played for his school alongside his senior classmates. Jace always knew that football was an avenue he would want to pursue beyond his high school years. He will major in health and physical education while at Louisiana College and plans to pursue a masters degree in sports administration. He hopes to one day become an Athletic Director,” she said.

Miley also assigns much of his guidance in life to his grandfather, the Rev. Olan McLaren. “He’s just an amazing guy. Spiritually, and just making good life decisions, he’s helped me and been a big, big influence in my life.”