NPD arrests as of Feb. 4


Keiayra Galloway, b/f, 28, 2 counts theft, simple battery
Tateiyana Daniels, b/f, 19, disturbing the peace
Darrell Winder Jr., b/m, 41, criminal damage to property, remaining, public intoxication
Haley Giddings, w/f, 34, theft
Andre Sowell, b/m, 27, possession of ecstacy, possession of CDS
Derrik Roberson, b/m, 36, possession of marijuana
LaDarius Davenport, b/m, 23, criminal damage to property
Bryant Sowell, b/m, 29, disturbing the peace, resisting, simple assault
Ryan Walker, w/m, 20 possession of marijuana
Reginald Eagle, b/m 42, no turn signal, obliterated serial number, driving under suspension, 2 counts FTA
Antonio D. Taylor, b/m, 31, remaining
John Corley, w/m, 33, Many, theft
Carlos Grigsby, b/m, 44, possession of marijuana
Justin Petite, b/m, 45, remaining
Dewandric Powell, b/m, 20, Winnfield, theft, 2 counts resisting, simple possession, illegal carrying of a weapon
Gleamris Williams, b/f, 43, 3 counts FTA
Robert Walker, w/m, 36, theft
Breonna Rainey, b/f, 30, theft
Antrine Taylor, b/m, 31, remaining, simple assault


Alicia Moore, b/f, 32, Cloutierville, aggravated assault w/firearm
Ronshseka MMatthews, b/f, 35, improper supervision of a minor
Felicia Pattain, b/f, 45, improper supervision of a minor


Nastassia S. Scott, b/f, 24, aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property
Brian McMillian, b/m, 45, remaining, 3 counts FTA